The “Choline Vegan Crisis”: A Pseudo-Event Ignited By The Media and an Author With Meat and Dairy Support

Joel Kahn
4 min readAug 31, 2019

There are dozens of headlines in the media this week that are scary! The “Choline Crisis “ may be upon us and we are unaware, at least in the UK. Prior to the publication this week of an opinion piece by Emma Derbyshire, Ph.D. in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Nutrition, Prevention and Health, there was no impending choline crisis recognized. Derbyshire did not publish any original research on choline and health. The publication was a hypothesis about the role of choline in…

Joel Kahn

Professor of Cardiology, Summa cum Laude grad, Kahn Center for Longevity and GreenSpace Cafe. @drjkahn. Author The Plant Based Solution NEW

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