Holiday Gifts I Love and Use: A Dozen Ideas

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It is that time of year. Gifts are exchanged in many cultures. The ugly sweater? The spice mix? The newest online game? If you have to give a gift, how great would it be if it was actually healthy and helpful for the year ahead. Here are some ideas. I use and love every single item on this list and I often use all of them every day. Happy Holidays

  1. Pique Tea

These organic teas in crystalline form for cold or hot beverages are the best I have ever found and I have many glasses a day. Teas promote exceptional health and a gift basket of a selection of these beautifully packaged teas is a gift that will last for a long time. They can be found here.

2. Sunlighten Full Spectrum Impulse Sauna

OK, this is a far cry from tea, but a home infrared sauna is a gift of health and relaxation that lasts a lifetime and may help that lifetime be longer. Check out the one I have in my home here.

3. Red light therapy with Red Therapy

Known in the research world as photobiomodulation, the impact of red and near infrared light is supported by literally thousands of researchs and is FDA approved for weight loss, wound healing, cellulite and other indications. The price has plummeted while the quality has skyrocketed. You will find me using my Red Therapy 720 panel every AM I am home. You can learn more here.

4. Healthy travel snacks

I found a company called that sends you a bag of healthy, plant snacks for travel and I now throw one in my backpack as I head to the airport. I think you will enjoy too. You can lear more here.

5. Complement Plus multivitamin and Powder

Want to solve any potential nutrient challenges for the plant diet? My friend Matt Frazier developed a multivitamin called Complement Plus that I take daily and you might want to. You can learn more here.

He just also launched a high quality organic protein powder that I have just started to use. You can find out more here.

6. Home Air Filter: Air Doctor

The data on air quality and health has exploded and it is profound how important it is to breath air that is as clean as possible. That includes in your home. I have found that the Air Doctor does the job and a great price. I have them in my home and office. You can learn more here.

7. Home Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water: AquaTru

Just as air quality has emerged as a factor to address, so has water quality. Toxins abound and some systems are thousands of dollars. The AquaTru filters out all the concerning substances you read about (metals, BPA, PFAS etc) and leaves a great tasting water we use at the Kahn Center every day. You can learn more here.

8. Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: Qardio

You know what kills more people than any other condition in the world? High blood pressure. To not have a home blood pressure unit is to not be protecting your health. I use this wireless device and love it. You can learn more here.

9. Chlorella from Energy Bits

Admittedly, most of you do not take a handful of chlorella algae each day. I do. I did today as I boarded a plane. This plant food is insanely rich in nutrients. I suggest you learn more here about this high quality product.

10. Blue light blocking glasses: Swanwick

The last 90 minutes of my night, every night, is to switch my reading glasses to Swanwick blue light blocking readers (yes I need readers). These quality glasses block out the spectrum of light that might interfere with your sleep. Thank you Thomas Edison but your light bulb created a problem for sleep. Read more here about the Swanwick Solution.

11. Whole Body Vibration: Power Plate

Yes, those old belts around the rear end have been replaced by vibrating platforms that have scientific reports regarding BONE DENSITY, blood pressure and other benefits. I am sold! Every AM I stand on a Power Plate and do squats, barbells, and even a complete yoga flow. It is a great addition to your home. I have the MOVE model in red. Read more here but be sure to use a check out code DRJKAHN for a discount I was able to arrange.

12. Vino veritas: Dry Farm Wines

I am totally head over heals for European wines curated by Dry Farms. They are tested for purity and sugar content and are the cleanest wines I have ever tasted. There are even RAW wines from Italy that have probiotic contents rivaling krauts and fermented foods. Indeed, they are fermented. You can read more here.

No more what holiday you celebrate, or even if it is just a regular season for you, these dozen of items make my life healthier and more enjoyable. I hope they do the same for you. Happy Holidays!!

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Professor of Cardiology, Summa cum Laude grad, Kahn Center for Longevity and GreenSpace Cafe. @drjkahn. Author The Plant Based Solution NEW

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